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Retirement is years away!

What Is A Financial Plan?

I’ve Got A Mortgage Broker

It’s All About You!

An aging population and greater life expectancy will put social security and pensions at risk, so personal savings or investments are now a necessary factor for survival.

Every New Zealander can benefit from putting together a financial plan and when you create your financial plan you are not only helping yourself you are helping your community and future generations by being one of the few who will not have to rely on the government pension scheme, after all who wants to rely on the government based on their track record.

Who Wants To Rely On The Government?

You need to have a plan. This is an important part of predicting what you will require to fund your lifestyle in retirement however it shouldn’t just be about retirement, a good plan will help you determine how you can go about paying off your mortgage faster at the same time as saving for the kids education.

Establishing a retirement budget, including planning for one-off expenditures, is helpful in analysing how much you will need during your retirement but you should be doing the same thing for your working life, after all why leave it to chance.

Calculate the amount you can earnĀ on an annual basis from your retirement nest egg and then how to create that nest egg. That way you will get an idea of how long your capital should last and how much you need to put away each week to make sure you have enough for those years when you will have plenty of time because you are no longer working.

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